In development.

Remit: Creating sound effects. Also cutting, adjusting and implementing dialogue files.

Enderal is a Total-Conversion for TES V: Skyrim. Set on the remote continent Enderal it offers a hand-craft, immersive open-world with jungles, deserts, forests and mountains, all for the player to explore, overhauled skillsystems and gameplay-mechanics and a dark, psychological and fully-voiced storyline with believable characters.

Magical Potions

2015. 2D Point&Click Adventure.

Remit: For the main character Herby and the general mood in the game I am currently creating themes, which underline the magical elements, the protagonist's, Herby's, confused personality, and the enchanting environment. For the humoristic game I create sound effects like i.e. a big cooking kettle, which is used to brew potions. I also give tonal life to the trailer.
Gameplay: Task is to cook the right potion for each quest by trying out different ingredients, because the main character has forgotten all his recipes.
Story: Herby is a magician who has lost his memory of how to make potions. Additionally he has accidentally shrinked himself to the size of a child and teleported himself into the past.

Magical Potions


2015. 2D Jump'n'Run.

Remit: For this game there is no such thing as a theme. The author wants the game to be without interface, so every interaction can be done during game progression. This is why the sound also must have an ingame source which the player actually can see. I give an example. The player runs across the street and passes a club. So there will be club music. The higher the player climbs in the game, the more distant the sounds will be. In the upper levels sounds will therefore eventually come from open windows or planes flying by.
Gameplay: Later into the game the player has to jump up to the highest of five vertically built city levels in a fictitious asian town, and fight against a yet unknown source of robots. To climb upwards he can use a special glove that can shoot a rope with a hook, which he finds early into the game.
Story: From fourth level downwards, the town is covered by a huge cloud of smog. This is why the character wants to break through level four, up to level five, where there is clean and fresh air. He will be surprised what awaits him there.



2014-Current. 3D Puzzler, based on mechanics of a Rubik's Cube.

Remit: Chilled and calm music is the base of this project. Different settings like meadows, forest and mountains with unique art style get accentuated by my music and sound effects. Additionally I create sound effects for menu and gameplay.
Gameplay: Cubiverse is an Ipad based 3D puzzle game in which you have to lead your character to the right field by turning the cube's segments, preferably with the least possible turns. The character, called Euler, can walk on the surface of one side of the cube, if it is not blocked by assets like trees or stones.
Story: Once there was a mega cube, which was splitted into many tiny cubes. Euler has to activate a magnetic bell on each of those cubes to activate their magnetic force, which brings all fragmented cubes back to recreate the mega cube.

This game is currently in development. We have been mentioned in three different German magazines so far. (only available in German)

03.2014 Making Games

03.2014 GamesMarkt

Trailer Music

Listen to more Cubiverse here. To see the complete list, please go to Listen.
Cubiverse - Currently in development

FilmSoundHamburg (FSH) Contest

2014. I took part in the FSH Young Talent Award Contest.
Participants were asked to create an adaptive track for 90 seconds gameplay of "The War of the Worlds", consisting of two layers. One layer for ingame action and another one for calm moments. Depending on how fast a player would reach another section of the game, the layers had to be able to blend into one another at any time.

Young Talent Award Submission

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