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Philipp Kapusta is currently studying in 7th and therefor last semester of Game Design at 'Mediadesign Hochschule für Design und Informatik' in Munich. His B.S. degree in Game Design is expected in spring 2016.

During his study he specialized in Game Audio and was part of a variety of game projects. In the meantime he improves his skills by taking part in online courses, including

Introduction to Music Production (Berklee College of Music),
Developing Your Musicianship (Berklee College of Music),
Songwriting (Berklee College of Music),
Jazz Improvisation (Berklee College of Music).
Write Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Music Composition
(National University of Singapore),
Introduction to Classical Music (Yale University).

At the age of 7 Philipp received classical piano lessons. With the following training in improvisation and jazz he recognized, how much fun it is to create melodies, rather than just playing them. After several years of classical training a friend introduced him to video game music, showing him sheet music to Nobuo Uematsu's 'To Zanarkand' from Final Fantasy VII. That was when Philipp's journey to Video Game Music began. With inspirations led by game music themes like Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger and many more, up to OC Remixes and game music radios, he now composes music and sound effects for all kinds of video games.

Philipp Since the beginning of Philipp's study, he has had many opportunities to contribute his own sound to projects and it is his goal to bring many promising game projects to live by delivering exactly the right kind of audio. He is looking forward to new, different challenges, and ready to fill games with that certain audio they need, to be special!

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